Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We are adopting!

     It's hard to know where to begin writing this blog or even this post for that matter.  Our journey to adoption began many years ago.  As a child I (Caitlin) would beg my parents to bring home an orphan or to be foster parents.  I believe God planted this seed in my heart long ago as he knew I would need time to nurture it until he was ready to begin this journey in my life.  With the constant thoughts of orphans running through my head I chose to write my Master's thesis on the deprivation that occurs in childrens' sensory systems when they are confined to an orphanage during critical years of development.  Fast forward 10 years from the time the seed was first planted to where Brad and I find ourselves having difficulty conceiving a child.  We choose to attend a local adoption fair and begin researching our options.  We were both fully open to what God may have in his plan for us beginning a family.  Just a month later we conceive our precious daughter Kyrie.  Two years later Brooks enters the world and we feel overwhelmed with parenthood.  I grieved the loss of my desire to adopt.  I remember confessing this to friends at our church life group but, feeling that maybe God was just giving me a time of rest.  Sure enough just before Brooks turned two my heart for adoption came back stronger than ever.  Brad and I talked over the next few months and began planning and praying about how to make this happen.   
     I will never take for granted that I have a supportive and Godly husband who fully supports this journey.  He truly believes that although God first planted this seed of desire in my heart, however God has done amazing things in Brad's heart as well.  When I find myself in a place of doubt, frustration or simply feeling overwhelmed Brad is the first to reassure me that God has already hand picked our daughter who is waiting on the other side of the world.  He is going into this journey with such a sense of peace and trust that I find myself in awe. 
    To those that are reading this we thank you in advance for your prayers, love and support.  Although we have not yet seen her face, we know there is a beautiful gift waiting for us.