Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Small Things

Olivia and I spent the morning at the pediatrician's office. Unfortunately due to illness and other priorities she still isn't fully caught up on her vaccines from China. Today was two down and two more to go!

After leaving the doctor we had about twenty minutes to kill before picking Brooks up at school.  I decided to stop at a little park for some play time.  As Olivia ran through the gates, I suddenly realized the last time we had been to that park was two weeks after we got home from China. Kyrie's class was there in a field trip. 

At that time, Olivia was mostly in her ergo or in my arms.  When she did get down, she couldn't even navigate the small toddler slide without help. Today, she ran around like she owned the place.  

It's moments like these that make me realize just how far our little monkey has come.  



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