Friday, February 14, 2014

Created For Care

Many months ago I set my alarm for midnight and along with a handful of adoptive mama friends signed up for the Created for Care Conference.

I went into the weekend excited to get away, spend time with friends and meet friends who I had until then only known through face book.  My expectations were low thinking this would be another opportunity to hear about attachment and the typical adoption topics which truthfully we aren't struggling with at this time.

Boy was I shocked!  God met me right where I needed him. 

The retreat was based on this verse.

It spoke wonders to my soul. 
Quite honestly I went into the retreat feeling a little terrified that I would hear God tell me we were being called to adopt again.  But, I heard the complete opposite.  This is our season of rest.

After two moves, building a house, adopting, transitioning to a family of five, the start of kindergarten, going back to work in a larger capacity than I have in awhile and dealing with a lot of illness, I am gladly seeking rest.

I am choosing to focus on this verse as well as the many lessons that came out of the teachings of Beth with Back2Back Ministries

Every detail was put together perfectly including these table decorations complete with family photos.

My roomie and I.  She guided me so sweetly through our process as she had gone through it a year before.

My local adoptive mama friends.  Don't know how I could have survived the past couple of years without them!  We share the same heart!

Who says you can't have real friend on the internet?  These are all ladies who traveled for their kids around the same time we did.  We "held hands" each step of the way from paper chasing to transition home and beyond.  So happy to finally meet in person.

Over the weekend I kept hearing the same thing as we talked, laughed and cried together.  "It's so nice to now have to explain yourself.  We all just get it".  So very true.

I am so thankful for the volunteer mom's who put on this retreat each year.  What a fabulous ministry it is!  I am already anxious for next year.

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  1. awesome recap! I always feel the same way -- so nice to be with a bunch of women who just get it!! Love the pictures!!