Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Kids are so resilient.  Today Brooks started his first day of 3's preschool.  Well, technically it wasn't his first day because he was in the 3's class last year at FHPS but, because of his birthday he was made to be in the 3's again in his new school.  Yes, we had yet another change in our family.  Brooks started at a brand new school today. 

This was his first time going any where without his big sis as his security blanket.  We had meet the teacher last night and both Brooks and I left full of anxiety.  After Brooks was in bed I looked at Brad and said, "You better come to drop off because I don't think I will have the strength to make him stay".  I went to bed and prayed for peace for both of us.

Thankfully, Brooks woke up happy and ready to go.  I unfortunately still felt unsettled.  Well, my resilient boy walked into school with a smile on his face and hardly kissed me good bye.  At pick up, I went through the carpool line and found him chatting with friends and he greeted me begging to go back.

So so proud of this boy who rose above all of our expectations.

Couldn't choose which pic.  He is just too cute.

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  1. What a brave, big boy. So glad he is doing well.