Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Village

Over the Labor Day weekend we took our annual beach trip with our church Life Group.  This group started over 8 years ago and there was only one child in the group.  To say the group has multiplied is an understatement. (This photo is missing 7 more children that belong to the group)

Older kids 2006-2008
Younger Kids 2009-2012

These friends are ones who truly "do life together".  We have been hand in hand through some of life's highest and lowest moments. 

Despite having 14 adults and 16 kids under one roof we enjoyed some relaxation, lots of tasty food and plenty of laughs.
 Kyrie and Lila enjoying the sunset

Sweet Hali was Olivia's unofficial babysitter
 Some of my favorites of the kids on the beach


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