Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two Months Home

Two months ago today was one of the happiest days of my life.  We became a family of 5.  I dreamed of this moment from the very start of our adoption journey.  Despite the pure exhaustion, it was everything I dreamed it to be. 
We walked down the hall, past security and through a glass panel I saw my kids waiting with Nana.  The tears began to fall as I shouted, "Brad there they are".  I couldn't walk fast enough.  My dear friend Nikki who has counseled me through each step of this process snuck upstairs with the kids and captured our reunion.  I have yet to bring her a CD so I can get the pictures but I know they will be priceless.  She told me that as Kyrie noticed us a single tear rolled down her sweet little cheek.  Oh my sweet sensitive daughter!

We went down the escalator and were greeted by dear friends and their children all of whom have prayed relentlessly for Olivia even before this process started.  Without the prayers, fundraisers, child care help, monetary donations, yard sale and shoulders to cry on we never would have made it to our daughter.  It was a beautiful sight to see these faces as we ended our journey to home.


 A proud Nana

 And a proud Poppie
 The proudest big sister ever. 
 And a happy little boy who was about to get his world rocked
 This mama couldn't have been happier.  Her three babies.  Finally together. Forever.

 Beautiful signs made by Olivia's new friends
 The luggage belt entertained the little ones

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