Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Randomness

The kids had spring break the week after Easter.  Unfortunately the weather was less than spring like so we had to get creative finding ways to entertain them.   One rainy cold afternoon we baked cookies and had a fancy tea party.  The kids loved getting dressed up and drinking out of the fancy china tea cups.
Love Kyrie's "pinky out" tea drinking 

Another day the kids had fun at Build a Bear using their gift cards Nana sent for Easter.

We had a fun play date with friends at the mall play area and a picnic lunch in the food court after.

Soccer season is in full swing.  Between two kids we have three days of soccer at our house now.  Today was Kyrie's first game.  I learned the way to keep the younger two entertained is LOTS of snacks and the wagon.  They sat for half of the game before I ended up chasing them around.  Not too bad!

After an unusually cold winter and first part of spring we are so happy that we are finally having spring weather. This has meant a lot of time outside. Today we took out the sprinkler and jumped on the trampoline. The kids had a blast.

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  1. I am so jealous that you have had sprinkler weather!!! We are still waiting for that to arrive here. Looks like a fun spring break!