Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Will you join me?

So, I read on another adoptive mommy's blog that she decided to read through the book of Psalms as she waited for her LOA.  I love this idea.  Brad and I have committed to doing this in hopes that we dwell on His hope of better things to come.  This waiting and guessing of when we will get our LOA and ultimately when we will travel is hard.  I am asked multiple times a day when we will go to China.  I don't know and that is hard.  When you are a pregnant you have an idea of when the end will come and when you will finally get to hold your little one.  With adoption there is so much uncertainty.  The hardest one is not knowing even the month you will meet your child.  I know people ask with good intentions but, the questions are HARD.  Once we have our LOA we will have a much better idea of when we will travel.

So....let's start now.  Today is day 19 of our wait.  If you are joining along start on Psalm 19.  How cool will it be to tell Olivia how many people were reading God's word in her honor and praying for her daily?  If you feel let to follow along with us please leave a comment at the bottom of the blog.

For convenience we will be using our smart phones as we read through Psalms.  Brad and I find the app "Holy Bible" to be the most user friendly.

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