Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wild Olive Tees Last Chance

Our Wild Olive Tee fundraiser is opening up again for one more month just in time for us to start preparing for our travel expenses.  If you didn't get a chance to order your tee when we did the fundraiser earlier this summer...here is your chance.  Our family loves our tees.  The kids shirts are so soft and made out of a vintage type cotton. 

If you choose to order please be aware you must order from the Adoption Fundraiser portion of their site.  That is the only way we will receive credit for your order.  There was some confusion about this when we ran the fundraiser earlier.  Also, you must enter code SUND513 in the coupon code section and the comments section at the end of your order.

We truly appreciate your support in bringing our sweet Olivia home.  I can't wait to see her sporting her Wild Olive tees.   Check out our family story on the Wild Olive family Site. 

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