Monday, June 8, 2015


This spring was full of gymnastics for our girls and they had great anticipation leading up to their recital.  

We weren't sure how Olivia would do because she cried all through her Christmas show at school.  Also, Kyrie's recital was after Olivia's so she didn't have big sissy as a model.  Our girl absolutely shined in front of the crowd.  She loved every moment of it.  

We were a bit disappointed because the week leading up to the recital she told us as well as her coach that she couldn't wait to, "sing on the stage".  She didn't sing but, she belted out a loud "TaDa" after every adorable move.

Big brother gave her flowers and he was super excited about the hug he got in return

We had a couple hour break and then it was Kyrie's turn to shine.  She absolutely loves gymnastics and we are so proud of how hard she has worked over the last 9 months.  It's great that she has found something she is so passionate about.

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