Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two Years Forever

On January 28th, we celebrated Olivia's second Forever Family Day.

This day stirs up so many emotions in me but, this year was a little different.  Olivia watched her adoption video for the first time. 

She understood some of what it meant and started asking questions.  The slide that stuck out to her most was of Kyrie snuggling Olivia's referral photo.  We explained that while Olivia was in China her whole family loved her and couldn't wait to meet her.  Kyrie told her that she slept with her picture every night because she was so excited to have her sister. Olivia loved hearing this and for a week repeated it every day to Kyrie.  But, she also was sad during the video.  She watched herself get passed off to me and watched how scared she was.  She asked, "where were you mommy when I was in China?"  Oh I know this is just the start but, I liked the sweet innocence she lived for the first two years.

Our Family Day was a happy one.  

Little Miss woke up to a new Doc Mc Stuffins Book (her request) and a game for her Leap Pad.

I love how excited B and K were to celebrate her

Olivia went to school but, only for a bit.  

Her amazing daddy picked her up early and took her on a surprise lunch date to her favorite restaurant.  He's the best!

That night we indulged Olivia in her favorite dinner of shrimp and enjoyed time together as a FAMILY!

Happy 2 years forever little love!

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