Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Blessing

In my last post I wrote about how Olivia's birthday is hard for me as we don't feel like we know her true birth date or much concerning the events that surrounded her first few weeks and months of life.

Well, in the last three weeks, we have received one of the most amazing blessings.  A further look into Olivia's past and a note that in just a few words means more to us as parents than we can explain.

During Olivia's birthday play date we asked that in lieu of gifts friends could donate to send a birthday blessing to Olivia's friends left behind.  I mentioned this on facebook as well.  Altogether we were met by some very generous friends as well as the money we decided to donate as a family and were able to send a terrific care package to the children at the SWI of Huidong County.

Thankfully, we have a contact in China who knows the needs of the orphanage and was willing to shop for us and deliver our items.  In addition, I asked if she would translate some burning questions I had.  Miracles of all miracles, the same day that the orphanage received our package (in which they gave great thanks for), we got the answers to our questions which were directly emailed to me by the orphanage. 

I am satisfied with the answers and will keep them tucked aside for Olivia when she asks some day.  But, what socked and amazed me even more was that there was a note.  A note we never knew about that we assume was left by her birth mother or someone who cared for her very much.  I will not share details of the note as they are for Olivia but, I will say we now know that her birth date is accurate.  I can now celebrate with her on that day and know without wonder it was on that glorious day that my daughter was born.  

Because, Olivia who has biological siblings who love to hear their own birth stories, I am so happy that we now have this information.  When the questions start, I now have a note I can show her. It won't be the same as the stories of labor pains, hospital stays or first cries but, it is something.  It's a link to her past, evidence of her start.

We are in awe of this Christmas blessing and amazed at how our God continues to write her story.

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