Monday, September 22, 2014

Back To School

Back to school started here two weeks ago and the final two went off today (although due to some technical difficulties much of this post is written a few weeks late).  Things are feeling very different around our house and I am missing the calmness of summer.

Mid August Kyrie started first grade.  As I mentioned here we had some growing pains related to all that came with the start of a new school year.  I am happy to report that we are on the third week and school is going great  Our sweetie comes home with a smile every day  She is however missing the baby dolls, art center and play time that went along with kindergarten.  She is not a fan of sitting at her desk or doing home work

Poor girl.  Looking back on these photos I realize how nervous she was.

Annual First Day of school silly string fight

A couple of weeks later it was time for the littles to start school.  It's hard to believe this is Brooks's last year of preschool.  Sweet guy has gone to a new school every year.  On the way to his first day he said, "Mom I really like the school I went to camp at (his new school).  Can I just stay there and not switch."  Yup.  A dose of mommy guilt to add to the already big emotions of the day.
I am pleased to say the decision to switch schools was the best we could have made.  He loves it as do we.

And last but not least our tiniest one started her very first year of preschool.  Boy, it's hard to imagine how far this sweet one has come.  She walked right into class, gave me a kiss and immediately started playing with friends.  The next day was a little harder but, by week three there were no tears shed at drop off.  In fact, when I go to pick her up I can hardly coax her away from all of the end of the day singing and dancing.  On days when she isn't so sure she recites, "Mommy always comes back" down the hall and into classOlivia is thriving and loves to come home and tell me all about school.  Her favorite thing is to talk about all of the antics caused by the little boys in her class.

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