Friday, August 1, 2014


How is it that seven years ago this precious girl was born?

Oh how true it is that time flies.  I feel like it was just yesterday that she was a tiny baby dressed in pink ready to head home from the hospital.

Kyrie, you have taught us so much as parents.  You have paved the way for you brother and sister and have allowed mommy and daddy to make all of our mistakes on you.  Sorry baby girl. You are a caring child, a loving friend and the most awesome big sister ever.  Your favorite things to do are arts and crafts, draw butterflies and flowers, write in your planner, school work (especially time and money), swim and shop (Oh do I love that you love to shop).  You love Jesus and love to teach your brother and sister about how much God loves them.  You love to eat most anything but, most of all mac and n cheese and ice cream.  You have a great spirit for life and I have yet to discover any activity that you try and don't like.  I love that about you.  

For her birthday this year Kyrie decided she wanted to have a special dinner out with Nana and Mommy and have a party at Build A Bear with her friends.

Sweetest girls.  They sang "Let It Go" all the way to the mall.  (Missing Ava here)

These two silly goofs were pretty excited to pick out their bear

Decision made...waiting to stuff

They all put a special heart in Kyrie's bear and then their own to remember her birthday.  Sweet touch.

Happy Seventh Birthday Sweet girl.  We love you soooooo MUCH!

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